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About Us

We are new to Digital Media but we have a strong combine expertise in Advertising and Promotional activities

Of more than 20 years include digital design and creative studies.

We are young womenpruners incepted in Media and Ads since 2010 locally covering the Asian Industry specialised in niche markets. Since then we have served more of 100s local and international clienteles’.

With this experience in mind, we have embarked into Digital Media since early 2017 under the Brand of IZZARA MEDIA.

We believe in providing Quality Media service at the most affordable cost and strategy in line with our Nation and Economic growth. Our Tag Line represents our motif in delivering our missions.


Realising it the most affordable platform for every new entrepreneurs in town.



Translating ideas int entrepreneurship for SME's by bring into existence.



To provide digital media solution and actualized platform.



To achieve digital market share by:-

  • Achieving RM 3million sales by 2019
  • To provide solutions of Taxi Top digital and livelihood support for 100 taxi.
  • To institute sustainable  indoor and outdoor media series.



Izzara Media is the best way for advertising.
The best way to achieve monthly sales.
Faris Zaini

What We Do


  • Integrated Campaign Strategies

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  • Creative Designs

    Converting your vision into a true reality.

Skill Description

Skill Description: 20%


Skill Description: 40%


Skill Description: 60%


Skill Description: 80%


We produce results.